Two-Tone Records

Artist Bio

Johnny Jones

Mr. Jones is an U.S. Army Gulf War veteran.

Mr. Jones is Country through-and-through.  He will listen to anything when it comes to (good) music, but Country is where his heart is -and resides most of the time!

And no wonder - he's always lived the Country life, and knows by heart the country songs he grew up listening to, as well as what his dad listened to and what his grandpa listened to!  He has great admiration for the past masters - Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Marty Robbins, etc, etc, -anybody who's ever made a lasting contribution to the genre.  You can hear it when he does his own outstanding versions of traditional tunes and ditties ("Cabbage Head"), or his own respectful tributes to his influences ("Felina - A Tribute to Marty Robbins")

Mr. Jones is a modern chronicler of what he sees around him: life itself.  He likes to sing about people's experiences, good and bad, while having a knack of tellin' it like it is!  In his music, he uses the approach of the storyteller - and engages his listeners with either blunt truths, candid observations, or genuine, heartfelt emotion.