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The Importance of Exposure: If It's Not One Thing, It's Another...

WELL, Johnny Jones had a great time during his appearance on the television show Do I Have A Hit Song, and although he did not win the episode -the winner of Episode 2 was Canadian singer/songwriter Dani Strong of the "stolen song" incident (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk59T30PHpU)-, just the fact that Mr. Jones showed up, performed, and had the priceless opportunity of making contact with several persons in the music business helped him secure a publishing deal for four of his songs with an English music publisher!  Which means that the trip was worth the time and effort, and Mr. Jones was able to take an important step towards his goal of becoming a successful songwriter!   The moral of the story being: when you become involved with a large-scale project like a music talent contest, several doors can open, and it's up to the individual to make the best use of these windows of oppotunity!  We wish Mr. Jones the best of luck in his music business dealings!


Here is a fascinating PR piece released by the show's producers, based on an interview with Mr. Jones:

Johnny Jones, the Tampa, Florida based country artist, claims that he wrote his first song as a joke.  Some fifteen years later, his songs are certainly no joke.  His songs are wrapped in passion and his soul bending lyrics can only be defined as “heartfelt”.  Johnny has a unique ability of taking his life experiences and telling a universal story filled with emotion.  This seemingly natural ability is the result of Johnny’s experiences as a US Gulf War Veteran, a husband, a father of five, and son.  Johnny lives life, and is a master observer of those around him.  While Johnny has held many titles: soldier, writer, and others, now Johnny is known in the local grocery store where he works and throughout his community as the “Singing Janitor”.     A title that brings Johnny a sense of pride.  The Singing Janitor has written one of the most heartfelt songs to come around in recent memory.  Johnny will be performing "Daddy’s Little Boy" on Episode 2 of Do I Have a Hit Song.
"Daddy’s Little Boy" is a biographical song which was written while his wife was expecting Johnny’s third son.  In reality, the song was written about all three of Johnny’s boys.  Each verse is a “gift” to his boys, and tells a story of some of his favorite memories with each son as each child grew up.  Johnny takes pride in his music and believes that his music can positively affect people.  Johnny describes his musical style as “traditional, wholesome, country”.  Johnny’s professional goals are simple and he only has one.  He wants one of the world’s top country performers, like Alan Jackson, to sing one of the songs Johnny has written.  Johnny states that he is most comfortable when he is writing music.  “ I don’t need to be the one performing the song, I don’t need the fame, I’d just like people to hear the songs that I’ve written.”
Johnny explains that he is both nervous and excited to perform "Daddy’s Little Boy" on Do I Have a Hit Song’s World Stage.  His regret is that his mother, who passed away last year, will not be able to see her “Little Boy” perform; however, Johnny believes that his mother will be watching and there is no question he will make her proud.

(NOTE: Episode Two of DIHAHS will air on Tuesday, January 20, 2015!)

"Thank You All For Your Support": Johnny Jones Will Appear In Episode Two of "Do I Have A Hit Song" On January 20, 2015!
THANK YOU!  Well, Johnny Jones is extremely grateful to all the fans and music lovers who came through for him: he easily received enough votes to make it to the show, and now everybody will get to hear Mr. Jones singing "Daddy's Little Boy" -along with lots of other fine artists eager to show off their songs and their talents, for the enjoyment of an appreciative audience!

To everybody who voted for Mr. Jones, he sends a heartfelt 'Thank You', and he is sure it will be a jim-dandy show: he will get to meet lots of new artists, and surely make new friends.  Taping for Episode 2 will take place January 9 in Jacksonville, Florida -make sure to tune in on January 20 and see artists from all over the country and the world!  And in case you missed it, see here a replay of Episode One (just scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and click on the Play button); it will be a treat for everybody who just likes to listen to talented singers, and good songs and music!!

NewsFlash: Johnny Jones Submits "Daddy's Little Boy" To TV Song Contest "Do I Have A Hit Song"!

WE ARE GLAD to report that one of Mr. Jones' songs, "Daddy's Little Boy", has been submitted to the TV Show contest "Do I Have A Hit Song"!  In this show, listeners get to vote on the Internet for their favorite songs, and the top twelve songs with the most votes will be performed LIVE on TV by the artists/songwriters who entered their songs in the contest!

"Daddy's Little Boy" is one of Mr. Jones' most requested songs when he performs!  If YOU WOULD LIKE to see and hear "Daddy's Little Boy" performed on live TV, you can vote for Mr. Jones' song on this link to the show's website!

Remember, you can help Mr. Jones' song!  Every single vote from you will be crucial!
NewsItem: Artist Johnny Jones Makes Trip to Nashville!
TWO-TONE ARTIST Johnny Jones is currently on his way to Nashville!  He will take the opportunity to contact music industry people there, and is preparing for an appearance before them, where he will perform!

When he was younger, Mr. Jones dabbled with the idea of becoming a professional performer, but nowadays he is content to try to establish himself as a songwriter.  We back him up on his endeavours; we can certainly vouch for the outstanding quality of his songs, as many of our music customers can attest!  We wish Mr. Jones success while he furthers his career in Nashville!