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Hear the New Single from Johnny R. Jones, "Love Rock"!
THE NEW SINGLE from our resident singer-songwriter country poet has arrived! We invite you to listen to Johnny R. Jones' "Love Rock", where Mr. Jones sings about one of his favorite topics -the love between a guy and his gal ! Enjoy!!!

1. "Love Rock"/ 2. "Let's Do It Again"

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Enjoy a High-Quality Lyric Video for "Small-Town Crazy"!
WHEN WE NOTICED THAT streaming for "Small-Town Crazy" had really taken off on Spotify, well, we thought we had to do something about it!!

So, we got in touch with Mike Jay, the Master-of-Masters when it comes to lyric videos, and hired him to do one for us, so we could put it on YouTube! And here are the results below for all to see... So Enjoy!!:

... and remember, there's nothing better than owning the mp3s of all the Hit Songs you like!!!

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We Are So Glad to Have Melissa DuVall As Our Guest Artist!
THE BOYS LOVE GOOD COMPANY, and they feel downright privileged to have Nashville luminary Melissa DuVall as a Featured Artist in their newest release, "Only When We Kiss"! The wonderful results of having Melissa singing together with the Boys speak for themselves!

So, just in time for the summer, Melissa and the Mountaintop Boys are releasing a lively tune about frolicking fun-in-the-sun days (and nights!) with your summertime love! Let's PAARTAAY!!!

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Love Is Eternal...
BECAUSE that's the way it's supposed to be! And the Boys love to sing about it, so...

In honor of that real love, love that lasts forever, love that's a sure thing when couples make their vows, love that will be there always no matter what life may bring to them, love they will cherish through the years as they grow older together, and becomes stronger with time... In recognition of that type of love, the Mountaintop Boys present their latest recording, "I'm Still Loving You"! We hope you enjoy it! May it  become a soundtrack to couples' blissful lives everywhere!

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Father and Son, Just for Fun!
IT'S ALL IN THE FAMILY... Johnny R. Jones and his son Johnny Jr. join forces to sing an acoustic version of Dad's song, "Small-Town Crazy"!

Father and son, singing together and having some musical fun! Let the good times roll...

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Mountaintop Boys' New Song Is Included in Expanded Texas Hold-'Em Blues!
WHEN WE FIRST released Texas Hold-'Em Blues, it was a six-track EP.  But now, we are releasing a new Expanded Edition that has the following differences compared to the previous one:

- We've included the Mountaintop Boys' newest song, "Wild Woman"!  (According to the Boys, it ROCKS!)

- We have included "Small-Town Crazy", one of the Boys' most popular songs!

- For better musical flow, we have omitted the instrumental version of "Big Star" (Drivin' Between Gigs Version), but that's okay, because the instrumental version is still available on the "Big Star" single.

Boy, if this ain't drivin' music, we don't know what is!!

1. "Texas Hold-'Em Blues"/ 2. "Feelin' Bad In A Good Way"/ 3. "Big Star"/ 4. "Wild Woman"/ 5. "Small-Town Crazy"/ 6. "Wild Woman" (Karaoke Version)/ 7. "Small-Town Crazy" (Karaoke Version)/ 8. "Feelin' Bad In A Good Way" (Karaoke Version)/ 9. "Texas Hold-'Em Blues" (Karaoke Version)

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The Christian Song Sampler, Expanded to Album-Length, Is On CD for the First Time
ONE OF OUR MORE POPULAR recordings, The Christian Song Sampler, is available on CD for the first time, after we added some more songs!

An additional five tracks brings you now, we hope, more of what music listeners enjoyed the first time when they heard the previous EP edition!

To all who have purchased and found inspiration and enjoyment in the work by our very talented artists, we say thank you!!

1.  "Are You the One?" - Tara/ 2. "Ye Give Me Strength" - Johnny Jones/ 3. "Lord Hear Me Jesus" - Johnny Jones/ 4. "It's A New Day (Song of the Prodigal Son)" - Sharon Lewis/ 5. "Ye Give Me Strength" - (Karaoke Version)/ 6. "Lord Hear Me Jesus" - (Karaoke Version)/ 7. "It's A New Day" - (Karaoke Version)/ 8. "The Roads I've Travelled" - Sharon Lewis/ 9. "Home-Grown Love" - Johnny Jones/ 10. "I Will Seek U 1st" - Kent D. Smith/ 11. "Do You Know Me, Lord?" - Kent D. Smith/ 12. "Daddy's Little Boy" - Johnny Jones

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We Re-Release the Mountaintop Boys' First-Ever mp3 Single: "Small-Town Crazy"!
WE MAKE AVAILABLE once again the Mountaintop Boys' first-ever mp3 Single, "Small-Town Crazy"!  The Boys' ode to small-town life is available for purchase from CDBaby and will be distributed to an increasing number of mp3 outlets!

A tuneful song a lot of people find easy to relate with, the Boys seem to have hit a chord with listeners on this one!

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The First CD Single from the Mountaintop Boys is "Big Star"!
YOU KNOW THE BOYS!  You've heard their gritty combination of country and rock and... well, whatever strikes their fancy.  But you also know they take their stuff seriously: whatever they do when they play music or make a record has to be top notch!  Including, of course, their first CD single...

The Boys can party, goof around, and have a good time like anybody, and that's reflected in their music and the songs they sing!  But being the consummate musicians they are, they'll tackle any topic, even serious ones:  Now, they've made a reflective, real slice-of-life piece about the rock life...  Is it all peaches and cream?  What are the pros and cons of a musician's life on the road?  The Boys try to explain it in "Big Star":  Probably one of their most introspective pieces, but also a mighty fine performance, and totally worthy of being their first CD Single release...  Hear what the Boys got to say!

1. "Big Star"/ 2. "Big Star (Drivin' Between Gigs Version)"

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New mp3 EP: The Christian Song Sampler
WE AT TWO-TONE take pride in being an 'anything' label - that is, just like the majors, we feel free to release records in any musical genre.  This is reflected in our very small but growing catalog, where we have always tried to be as varied as possible. (Our motto is: if it sounds like music, we'll release it!)

This time, we looked around and culled from our masters inspirational songs that were Christian-themed.   We hope you find them worthy of your attention!

So, if you enjoy spiritual-themed recordings, and ones that are good for meditation, reflexion and relaxation in which you find inspirational value -yes, we have that music, too!

1.  "Are You the One?" - Tara/ 2. "Ye Give Me Strength" - Johnny Jones/ 3. "Lord Hear Me Jesus" - Johnny Jones/ 4. "It's A New Day (Song of the Prodigal Son)" - Sharon Lewis/ 5. "Ye Give Me Strength" - (Karaoke Version)/ 6. "Lord Hear Me Jesus" - (Karaoke Version)/ 7. "It's A New Day" - (Karaoke Version)

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(Notice: The Christian Song Sampler has been temporally removed from distribution, so we can deliver a new edition that will contain one four five more song songs.)
Mike Cavalieri Would Like To Inform Everybody That He's Trying to Get Her Back!
A SONG IS A LOT LIKE A MOVIE: Both of them can tell a story, both of them can have a plot!  And so it is with this song, which tells about the travails of Mike and a certain lady...

The point of the plot being: Can a Playa stop being a Playa for the sake of one woman's love... is that even possible??  Mr. Cavalieri pours his heart out while he tells us the decision he had to make, and his problems trying to change... Yup, it seems Mike certainly has his work cut out for him...

To find out how the story unfolds -in what could have perfectly well been subtitled 'Mike's Conundrum'- well, you'll just have to watch the movie... ur, hear Mike tell the story, that is...

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New mp3 Single! Sharon Lewis Rocks The House With "Rhythm Boy"!
DID ANYBODY SAY SALSA??!?... In a performance that would make Gloria Estefan proud, Sharon Lewis rocks the joint with her no-holds-barred interpretation of "Rhythm Boy", about a remarkable rhythm-meister who can actually make people dance with just a pair of sticks!...

But just who is this mysterious Rhythm Boy?  What's he like, what is it he does?... Well, all we can do is listen, and try to get whatever clues we can from Ms. Lewis herself... Sing it, Sharon!!!

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New mp3 Single! Caribbean Beach Combo, "This Is My Home"!
AHHH!... You're lying on the beach, somewhere in the Caribbean...Sun, sunshine... Everything is peaceful around you, save for the sounds of the waves arriving and fizzling out on the sand at your feet, and birds in the vegetation, seemingly in conversation... do you feel the love that comes from the sea?... It might just make you want to dance to the music, dance!...

Allow the Caribbean Beach Combo to take you there and show you around in "This Is My Home" ... Welcome to the island!

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Finally!!! Slices of Life Available On CD On Amazon.com!
WE WERE pleasantly surprised when after we released Slices of Life as an mp3 album, we noticed that "Daddy's Little Boy" seemed to have struck a chord with listeners, moving up the lists of Country mp3 downloads!  So, we have finally made Slices of Life available as a CD on Amazon.com! 

Great songs about love, family, life, situations in life... the things that matter most, and are closest to the heart... told through the memorable melodies and words of Johnny R. Jones!

1. "Only When We Kiss" (Duet with Leah Clark)/ 2. "I'm Still Loving You"/ 3. "Daddy's Girl"/ 4. "Home-Grown Love"/ 5. "Daddy's Little Boy"/ 6. "Ye Give Me Strength"/ 7. "I'm Just Her Step-Dad"/ 8. "Lord Hear Me Jesus"

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Life On The Road Is Hard... Make It Easier With A Wilder Side of Life!
LIFE ON THE ROAD IS HARD... but at least you can make the load easier to carry with the right sountrack!  And we just happen to have someone who can fill you in on the details of life on the road: Johnny R. Jones sings about lonliness, the long haul, and the -well- sometimes pretty wild things that can go on: Wild women, romance on the run, heavy drinkin' and heavy gamblin'... even what happens in the case you happen to be a star! ("Big Star").  Hear the troubadour of the asphalt tell his tales in A Wilder Side of Life... Contains the bona-fide hit, "Cabbage Head"!

1. "Lonesome Cowboy"/ 2. "Wild Woman"/ 3. "Feelin' Bad In A Good Way"/ 4. "Texas Hold-'Em Blues"/ 5. "Big Star"/ 6. "Sexy South Carolina Eyes"/ 7. "Let's Do It Again"/ 8. "Cabbage Head"/ 9. "Felina (A Tribute to Marty Robbins)"

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